Reducing the Size of the COuncil is bad for You and Your Family.


Currently a motivated candidate can walk every street in the District during the campaign.  What happens when it is no longer possible to reach every neighborhood by person?  Candidates will shift their efforts to more direct mailing, radio, and television advertising.  Campaigns will become more attack oriented and less personal.  Will this make your voice heard or improve the process. 


Nashville is considered the "it" city these days.  How do we know that its not BECAUSE we have a large Council that is responsive to its citizens that makes us so  great.  Ms. Evans often compares the Metro Council's size to other cities in claiming we are "too large," but does she ever compare Nashville to a city you would rather live in?


There are three (3) simple things we could do to strengthen the Council without diluting your vote:

1) Stagger the Council terms by having 1/2 the Council Members run every other year;

2) Provide the Council with full time research and development staff for budgeting and law making; and,

3) Require all the Mayor’s appointments to Metro Departments be approved by the Council.