Supporters & Endorsements

Endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police

I am proud to say I am only candidate in District #23 endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF). 


My strong commitment to safety in our neighborhoods is reflected by my equally strong commitment to standing up for the first-responders who protect and serve each of us every day. 






I have been truly blessed with an out-pouring of support from the community.

I am a candidate for all of us.  Although a lifelong conservative, I have reached across the aisle to bring together people of different political persuasions and ideas.  Community concerns, not national party agendas, is more important to the people of District 23. Concerned neighbors who are supporting me and have hosted events include:









Senator Douglas Henry (D)


The Honorable Winfield Dunn (R)


Senator Steve Dickerson (R)


Ms. Tootie Haskins


Metro Council Member Robert Duvall


Belle Meade Commissioner Bob Weigle and Patsy Weigle


Mary Nell Bryant, President, Children's Hospital Alliance of Tennessee


Susan and Damon Byrd


Cora Newcomb and Keith Newcomb, business owner and past president of the Hillwood Neighborhood Association


Bob McGilpin and Rochelle McGilpin, Treasurer and Board Member of the  West Meade Park Neighborhood Association Board Member


Bobby Reynolds and Kay Reynolds, Secretary of the West Meade Park Neighbothood Association Board Member and Secretary


Dianne Ries and Bob Ries, Davidson County Republican Party Chairman


Nick Bailey, past President of the Sylvan Park Neighborhood Association


My wonderful family...



L-R: FOP President Danny Hale, Jim Roberts, 

and IAFF Presdient Mark Young.

Jim and Ms. Tootie Haskins

Jim listens. The Honorable Winfield Dunn (R), Ms. Tootie Haskins, and Jim Roberts.

The Roberts Family: James, Jim, Grace, Kate, and Lily